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Our trip to Denali National Park, Alaska4970 views
Dec. 29, 20093775 viewsMy son Mike at my brother John's house. Two white areas in the picture.
Dec. 29, 20093738 viewsMy older brother Fred has a sphere to the left of his head.
What I really looked like4902 viewsThis is what I really looked like that evening. It was a themed New Year's party - Thrift Shop New Year's. Any thoughts?
Hail Storm 05/15/101759 viewsThis picture was taken by myself during our Saturday hail storm, later while looking at the pic, zooming in you can see the outline of a face. I am sensing it's a "man" you can see the skeletal face of the eyes, nose.
An orb with a "face"1549 viewsIt's in black and white so you can see closely the outline of eyes, a nose, mouth! This was taken during a hailstorm! I noticed this a few days later.
orbs831 viewsthis was taken while we were fishing along a river in Sacramento. It was around 9pm and when I took this picture I noticed all the white orbs but when I zoomed in past my husband it seems like there is a red face behind him..
1260 viewsI was sitting outside on the patio at approx. 2 am. I accidentally took this picture. I then noticed the haze in the corner.
random cemetery shot from camera when visiting grave4006 viewsThis picture was the result of a random shot taken as two of my friends and I visited a grave. Much to my surprise thinking it was something on print...it is also on negative. Not a digital picture. Sorry, this small it is a little difficult to see the two blueish figures appearing over the gravestones. This picture is unaltered.
2082 viewsMy dogs ALWAYS bark at the corner with the fireplace for no reason. Not sure if this is dust or an orb, but strange that it is by them in the area they always bark at.
Orb outside dining room window Christmas Day 20081857 views
Orb in a haunted home784 viewsI got this Orb in a investigation we did in a home in Grand Rapids MI they hear voices a lot in the home..we also got some evps
This was in baby land in the cemitary1006 viewsIf you look at the statue behind the guy there is a baby face that is pointing at me like he is and it where the babies are buried it called baby land there just took this 28th June 2011 that statue dose not look like that it really looking at the guy in front of him and it dose not have a baby's face on it...
halloween party 20074149 viewsI was outside of the window looking in at my mom. Her back is to the camera. I snapped a picture and somehow the image of a dog's face showed up.
Whaley House-San Diego, CA260 viewsMy father in front of upstairs bedroom-note the milky white streams emanating below the mirror.
Whaley House-San Diego, CA256 viewsStrange form taken in the courthouse of the home.
St. Micans church-Dublin, Ireland258 viewsBelow the church are open burial areas-note the white substance forming on the right side of pic-appears to be a face coming through.
orbs782 viewsTaken in Reno at Circus Circus 2009..I noticed what appears to be a orb next to me..
Orbs781 viewspicts that I have taken with orbs..they always seem to show up..
Iserlohn Germany 1117 views
Inauguration Orbs4043 viewsMy son attended the Inauguration Of Barack Obama. Took this photo of the gathering crowd (taken at about 4:30 am) with the Capital building in the back. Notice all the orbs? It was not snowing or raining. I guess there were alot more attending the festivities than met the eye. I like to think it was all those who sacrificed so much to get us here.
Sent a again for a closer look1834 views
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