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Clementine "Thunder Cuddle Pussycat" with milk on her chin3321 viewsNotice what appears to be an angel with wings. Using a magnifying glass you can see the outline of a man and a pink aura...
Does my special cat attract spirits?
Clementine-with-man-in-white-and-pink-light3418 viewsClementine was caught drinking my milk, but I can not explain what appears to be a figure of a man floating next to her. If you look closely with a magnifying glass...
Clementine-with-Virgin-Mary3413 viewsIf you look at this picture upside down you will see a figure of what appears to be a nun, or the Virgin Mary. Below you see a figure reaching up to her. This picture is very special to use...
Blaise's Photo1410 viewsMy daughter was taking pics with her cell phone on the way to dinner at a place called The Barn in Smithville, OH. She thought there was something in the middle of the screen but we discovered a ghostly gentleman on the right that she did not see at first.
Mysterious Feet Walking From Right To Left1481 viewsThe Legs and feet of a person walking in the lower left of the picture, taken in Veradero Cuba in March 2001.
danny orb6860 viewsAre we ever really alone? I don't think so!!!!
New Orleans4189 viewstook this in the French Quarter in New Orleans....is this something?
4393 viewslooks like a young boy with a white shirt on..you can see the shine on his head and nose.... and his arm on the left on him..
Parents6755 viewsAt my parents house, taken by my sister-in-law.
In the yard6936 viewsI saw this appear on the LCD display just as I snapped the picture, when I looked up it was gone.
Gimritz Germany Silvester 20071843 viewsThere's something on my head and left of the window...
Face in Orb3279 viewsThis was taken on Thanksgiving 2009. The larger picture had my son, daughter, dog, and me in it. We took several, one right after the other, but this orb showed only in the last one taken. My sister and I are sure we see a face in it above the Christmas tree branch. We think it looks like our dad.
Sunset Picture With Unexpected And Unseen Presence1387 viewsTaken Summer 2002 on a remote beach on Lake of the Woods in NW Ontario Canada
Ghost Gone 20 Seconds Later1289 views
Unsere eigenen Orbs3722 viewsHier wieder ein Orb - aufgenommen von uns bei der Untersuchung der Burgruine Aggstein (NÖ) - Austria. Auf der Burg wurden auch viele Geister von uns aufgenommen, die nicht sonderlich gut auf unser Untersuchungsteam reagierte.

Alle gezeigten Bilder stehen unter Copyright der E.P.A. - Kärnten
1405 viewsIs this an orb?
An evening at Fort Chambly2554 viewsI pictured a friend of mine without a flash. Of course, he is blurry as night shots are risky without a tripod. But that night, there were no or almost no mosquitoes or insects. I took more pictures before and after and those rays of light were not found on the others...
3146 viewsNotice the shadow of the man in the window...I was alone when I took the picture...as a woman this picture made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I took many pictures that day, not once did the refection of my family room show up in any of the pictures, or this ghostly presence of a man. See the two white bars of light on the shadow? Use a magnifying glass...
Shadow-of-man-when-I-was-alone3075 viewsI was alone when I took this picture. I am a woman who recently lost her father. I know it's him...he loved animals and would have gotten a chuckle, as the cat chewed off one of Santa's fingers while he was playing. I have other pictures on pg 1 and 3...take a look.
Elementarwesen3376 viewsHier konnten wir mit der Kamera ein Elementarwesen "einfangen".
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