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Face in the Window2781 viewsI took a picture of my house and this face appeared in the window. I see a cat like face, but if I look closely I see the silhouette of a lady.
Face in Window4393 viewsSame picture taken from a distance
Felix5788 viewsDuring the visit from Mary Ann I took this photo without a flash. My mother is sitting on the left side of the table, Mary Ann is across from her on the right side but you can't see her, the face of Felix is in the way. Felix has been an earthbound spirit since his death in 1963 at the age of 55, he has been a ghost here for 46 years. Felix once owned the house and we have lived with him since I bought the home 8 years ago. Now he is where he belongs, on the Other Side. Thank you Mary Ann.
Me Playing the Guitar5428 viewsOh My do You see the Huge Orb on My Face.
orbs1218 viewswhat appears to be a orb in front of my mom.
orbs1247 views
An evening at Fort Chambly2334 viewsI was taking about 6 to 8 pictures side by side to create a great panoramic, and this one had a little dark spot on it. I took a closer look to discover the face of a long haired woman wearing glasses... I did put a zoomed-in picture of the ghost to be able to see her better.
# 1 of 35096 viewsThis was the first photo taken of my mother's grave. This was the same day as the funeral. A little mist was visible near the ground.
# 2 of 35102 viewsIn the second photo, mist trails are over the grave.
# 3 of 34889 viewsSeconds later, the mist is gone.
# 3 of 34920 viewsSeconds later, the mist is gone. I took about 12 more photos, and no mist was present in any.
Unsere aufgenommenen Geister3392 viewsDieses Bild wurde ebenfalls von uns aufgenommen. Wir haben auch Bilder von pseudomateriellen Erscheinungen, die wir aber noch nicht der Öffentlichkeit zeigen.

Alle Bilder stehen unter unseren Copyright (E.P.A. - Kärnten
Greetings from heaven3180 views
CC51142 viewsBlow up and retint of an image capture (Digital Cam) at Coombs Creek in Dallas, Texas, the location of a train trestle allegedly haunted by the ghost of a little girl that was killed by a train while riding her bicycle.
Gettysburg428 viewsGhost tour on Seminary Ridge in Gettysburg
Gettysburg455 viewsLook carefully and you will see faces of two gentlemen on left side above red shadow.
Gettysburg428 viewsThis was taken during a ghost tour on Seminary Ridge in Gettysburg.
ghost on the move...4251 viewscaught this picture in my haunted house when my mother was taking my best friend and my picture on her baptism day Nov.22-94. Can someone tell me if this is a real ghost pic? i never had it analyzed,and always wanted too!!
3782 viewsWhat an earth is this thing to the left of me?? eyes, nose, mouth!
looks like bone arms and a face more to the top!
i scribbled my face out because i looked terrible btw!
if anyone knows wht this is please comment on my profile as its in my pictues on there..thanks..jodie x
3306 viewsTaken in Howe Texas
Ghost2376 viewsThis photo came off a camera, this is NOT manipulated in any way..see the angel on the left!!!This was taken right before my Mama was diagnosed w/ the cancer. It scared me because I could see through her. On her jacket is an Angel pin that also has a fire coming off it's feet. This was taken on a 35 MM camera. My Aunt sent us a copy of the picture after it was developed due to teh strange images.
Ghost in House2214 viewsThis was a photo taken at my ex boyfriends home in November 2009. We tried to duplicate this picture many times and could not no matter how hard we tried so after speaking with Mary Ann she did confirm there was at least one presence there.
Ghost in The House2161 viewsThis pic was taken in Nov 2009 at my ex boyfriends house. Maryann did confirm that he had something there. It still has yet to be removed.
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