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321 viewsThere was no one in the house when the picture was taken, note the man standing in the window.
4479 viewsPhoto submitted to Mary Ann by Dixie, notice the face in the microwave door above the oven. A close up for more detail.
4272 viewsPhoto submitted to Mary Ann by Dixie, notice the face in the microwave door above the oven.
Mansfield Reformatory 20085246 viewsPhoto was taken in complete darkness with no one in the room besides my sister and I. In middle window shows to be a man in white attire.
spirits caut on camera3855 viewsthis picture was taken by my mother on nice sunny afternoon on an indien site in Québec. Nobody was smoking (non authorized)and no mist or nothing was in view anywhere. I have to say that on my father's side we can see spirits and not long before my daugther asked to see her gardian angels... she is in the red t-shirt see how the consentraded light comes above her head?!?
Full moon (Angel)2618 viewsWe were taken pictures of a full moon on night this summer, this is what appeared.
Spirits at house 2566 viewsTaken in front of empty house.
Spirits at house 2548 viewsEmpty unfinished house.
Spirits at house 2431 viewsThese pictures were taken at the house a crossed the street from our home.
The home was never finished being built and no one ever has lived there.
The picture that looks like an image of an Angel was really the full moon, taken same night.
317 viewsGhost seen walking the Buxton Inn; Granville Ohio 2012
Alamo - Antonio - May 20085171 viewsThis picture was taken during a ghost walk - we were told that the spirit of a man named "Antonio" liked to flirt with women. I called to him and told him that I had something that he would like and to come and get it. It's a bit fuzzy, but if you look closely at the upper right hand corner, second pane, you should be able to see half of a man's face looking back at you. There is no glass in this window and the circular object to the left of his face is the back of a fan mounted from the ceiling.
Fairie..????1775 viewsHead..arms..legs and wings..What do you think?
No one was home and a motion sensor security program was on my laptop129 viewsi was out with a buddy of mine one night and i had set up this motion sensor security program on my laptop and when i came home to check the footage, this snapshot of what appears to be a man by the table was captured. Mary Ann, could you help me out. i will greatly be honored.
strange face in office window2551 viewsThis is strange image, a face-like blob that showed up in the window...on the second floor. From an old house in Norman, OK.
Orb4114 viewsGrand Canyon 2006
Orbs4033 viewsOrbs floating above me in Fort Hill Cemetery in Cleveland,TN
large orb1569 viewsthis was taken New Years Night 2011, again in my front room.
Vienna november 2010281 viewsBeautiful orb
Orb über meinen Kopf1906 viewshier ist ein Orb genau an meinem Kopf. Sieht fast so aus, als würde er mich küssen wollen. *smile* - Mich scheinen sie sowieso zu mögen, denn auf vielen Bildern umschwirren mich ganze Schwärme von Orbs.

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Orb direkt auf dem Auge von Sibylle2252 viewsDieses Bild stammt von unserer Untersuchung auf der Burgruine Aggstein (NÖ) - Austria. Hier sieht man einen Orb direkt auf dem Auge eines Mitglieds unseres Untersuchungsteams.

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orbs2419 views
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