Happy New Year to everyone, I hope that the year has started off with a Bang. As always, thank you for all your questions and interest. I do my best to answer as many questions as possible, so if you don’t see your question here check back to previous months and see if there is a similar question that was answered. Also keep checking the website because there are many exciting things coming up this year and I don’t want anyone to miss out on something.

I moved into my Fiances house in July 2003. After I moved in, I Have had nothing but health problems and bad luck. We hear things all the time and we fight. He had never heard anything prior to my moving in, is someone not happy that I moved into his house? -Natalie

It sounds like there could be an earth bound spirit there that does not like the fact that you have moved in. That spirit could have been in the house prior to you moving in or could have moved with you from your previous house. I would suggest smudging your house or having your house blessed by an ordained priest or minster.

Could you tell me what my family needs to do to remove a generational curse? None of us can find happiness in our lives, we all suffer from various problems, but mostly we can’t find love in our lives. -Kaycee

I am unable to teach you via the internet how to remove any type of curse. Curse removal is something that is done hands on and cannot be done over the phone either. If you are in the Cleveland area you could give either of us a call. Otherwise, refer back to the website and there is information there on how to deal with negative energy.

I use to rent an old home in Old Brooklyn that I believed to be haunted. I was very happy there for five years. I now live in a much newer house that may have a spirit. I continually think that I see someone out of the corner of my eye. Why was the old house such a positive experience and this one so apposite? -Rob

Earth Bound spirits keep the same personality that they had when they were alive. If you had a nice spirit in your old home then it wouldn’t have been too negative of an experience. You may also have been picking up on spirits that have gone to the light in your older home, which wouldn’t have been negative at all. I would suggest smudging or having your home blessed by an ordained Priest or Minister and seeing if that helps you out at all.

With the Law of Abundance check should it be written yearly or monthly? -Kathy

The Law of Abundance check gets written EVERY MONTH, on the day of the new moon prior to the peak of the new moon.

Is my son that passed nine months ago trying to contact me through dreams. I see him so real. -Tazz

If you are dreaming of him then he has crossed into the light and you are seeing him and are able to talk to him in your dreams.

Is it safe to play with Ouija boards? My daughter want to use one? -Robbie

No Ouija boards aren’t safe to play with and they should not be treated as a casual toy. I have seen earth bound spirits attached to people for many years because they “played” with an ouija board as a child or adolescent. There is also another item called an “Angel Board” that is the same thing as a ouija board, just with pretty pictures of angels that she shouldn’t mess around with either.

This year has been very exciting and there are many changes coming up in 2005. Within the next month expect to see a FAQ sheet on the website which you can refer to so you don’t have to a wait as long for answers. Also, to keep in touch with all that is going on be sure to join the mailing list so when Mary Ann is scheduled for talks, radio or TV appearances you can be the first to know. And as always best wishes to everyone for a healthy and prosperous New Year.

My 27 year old nephew just passed away. I need to know if he crossed over or not. Also, any information on my mother? -Michelle

The best way to tell if a loved one has crossed into the light is if you have had a dream about him, or your mother. I am unable to tell via the internet is someone has crossed over and unless they were in your house while I am there I am unable to talk to them. Mom and I can only talk to earth bound spirits that are present in the same area we are, we can’t go find someone or get information any other way. If you have dreamt of your mother or your nephew then be assured they have crossed into the light, and you can talk to them in your dream. As you are falling asleep at night just keep saying out loud that you would like to talk to them, and within a couple of days, if they have crossed, you should have a dream of them. If you don’t remember your dreams get an herb called mugwort, make a little pillow with the herb in the center and place it in between your pillowcase and your pillow. After a few nights of sleeping on it you will start to remember your dreams better.

Ever since I moved in with my husband, I have noticed strange things happening like the microwave and computer monitor turning off when I use them. I hear footsteps and feel like I’m being watched. My husband says he has seen a man in the house before, do I have a ghost? -Leila

Because I can’t tell for sure just for your questions, based on the experiences you have shared I would say yes, you do have an earth bound spirit in your home. There are a couple things you can try to balance the energy in the house. The first would be if you are affiliated with a church in your area to have your house blessed by an ordained priest or minister. Please do not go to a church to get holy water and bless the house yourself, that will make matters worse. The second option, if you are not affiliated with a church is to get a smudge stick. You burn the stick like you would incense and start at the highest point in your house and end at the lowest, you want to walk the inside perimeter of your entire house with the stick burning. Be sure to carry something underneath it because it will ash a little. You want the smoke to stay in the house for at least an hour after you smudge, so don’t open your windows to air it out. These two options will help to balance the energy in your house and make the spirits lethargic so they don’t bother you as much.

My 2 year old daughter talks to my brother who passed in 2002 and my uncle who passed in 2004, how can she know who they are? -Sandra

Little kids see a lot of things that adults can’t see. I have no doubt that she is seeing them and that they are visiting. If you, or other relatives, have had dreams about them then they are visiting from the light, which is a good thing.

I am a nurse, where can I get the quince seeds Mary Ann talks about to protect my environment from unwanted visitors? -Rita

You can order quince seed charms from the website. The only way you can get the quince seeds to put above your doors is if Mom or I come out to your house. You can’t go buy a Quince fruit, dry the seeds and hang them up because they have not been “energized” to protect your space. If you wear a charm on you it will give you 3-7 feet around you where nothing will come into your space, so if you have things in your house it would be something of a buffer zone. Additionally, if would be a way to keep earth bound spirits from coming home with you from work.

I ordered a silver watch fob with a quince seed from the website. How should I wear the seed properly and where should I store it when I am not wearing it? -Diana

You can wear the seed anytime, anywhere. As long as you have the charm on you it is doing its job. What you can’t do with it is to place is above a door in your house, because then you could potentially trap an earth bound spirit in your house. If you are not wearing it then it can be stored in a jewelry box or where ever you store you other jewelry items at.

My sister and I seriously suspect a curse has been placed on the family for several generations. How can we find out if our suspicions are correct and go about getting it removed? -Elisa & Fi

Within the next week there will be detailed information on the website on how to help relieve negative energy (i.e a curse) if you think you have one. Unfortunately we are unable to remove the curse unless we are with you since the technique that we use is hands on.

Weired things have been happening at our house such as lights turning back on, doors locking after we have unlocked them, etc. Is this a ghost? And if so, is it a good one? -J.W.It sounds like you could have an earth bound spirit in your house. The thing to keep in mind is even if they are the nicest person in the world they are still a negative energy in the house because they are draining. The little things like lights turning on, doors locking, maybe changing a lot of light bulbs or tension in the house are symptoms that a house can have when there is an earth bound spirit. They do those things to get energy from the people who are living in the house, you are their source of energy. I would suggest either having your house blessed by an ordained priest or minister or smudging your house yourself to see if that helps out.

Can a person be haunted since their childhood? -Lizabethmc

I have run into people who have had spirits attached with them for 30 years, so it is possible that something could have attached to you in childhood and just stayed with since then.

If everyone has a guardian angel, do ghosts and angels see each other? And can the angels deep these spirits away from you? -Melanie

Angels and earth bound spirits are two different forms of energy. I am not sure if Angels can see earth bound spirts or not, but the earth bound spirits can’t see angels, unless it was a gift they had when they were alive.
Having grown up in Cleveland, I’ve been a life-long fan of the Indians, Browns and Cavaliers. It seems that these teams have always been cursed in one way or another. Can’t you or your mom help out the people of Cleveland in someway? -Tom
I wish it were that easy, since we are fans as well. Unfortunately it requires the proper people asking that the curse be lifted. I guess as fans all we can do is keep sending them positive energy.
As advised, I did smudge my office, but the stick kept going out. I had to relight it over 10 times. The stick was dry and crumble, but even after it was lit and flaming it would extinguish almost instantly. Should I purchase another stick and do it again? -Julie
Smudge sticks are sometimes difficult to keep lit and depending on what type you got they can be somewhat crumbly. As long as the smoke was in your office than that smudge stick did its job.

Thank you all for your great questions this month. As always the month of October has been overwhelming with the amount of questions and stories. Keep up the good sharing. We are hard at work on a FAQ page that will answere some of the more general questions, so be sure to refer to that, and if you like you can still ask a question. You can also refer back to past months of questions to see if you someone has a similar situation to yours that was answered and perhaps you could apply that answere to your situation. I am unable to tell for sure over the internet if you have a ghost in your home or a curse on you.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

I am very interested in spirits, and actually want them around me. Is there anything I can do to “safely” encourage them to come around me? -Amy

If you invite a spirit into your home then you are taking your chance that you may get something really negative into your home. To invite an earth bound spirit into your home, even if they are the nicest person in the world, can cause potential problems with your house. There could be fatigue and illness, the inability to get things done while in the house, people living there could have problems sleeping, and many other things.

I used to play with a ouija board when I was 12 & 13. I’ve led a fairly blighted life. How does one tell if an entity has attached itself to you? -Jon

It is possible to get an earth bound entity attached to you as an adolescent while you are playing with a ouija board. The fact that you seem to have had problems your entire life would lead me to believe that you do have something attached to you, although I cannot tell for certain without talking to you.

How do you find someone that can help? There are so many fakes out there, we have experienced all the problems of someone who has a curse. -Jeff

The best thing for you to do is to consult with people that you trust. Depending on where you live there may be a local metaphysical shop that a friend or relative can refer you to. You can also search reputable web sites such as James Van Praagh for local referals.

How can the cycle be changed to assist this family? Do house blessings always work and for how long? -Pat M.

Your best bet is to do the house blessing or smudge. The blessing and smudging will work, but the amount of time that it works for depends on how much energy the house has. It will also depend on the time of month (full moons and new moons will have more energy). When you notice things are feeling not so good in the house again, that would be the time to re-smudge your house.

Back in the late '70's a man committed suicide in the house I grew up in. My brother, sister and I have relationship problems, and financial problems. Is it possible that we are cursed from the man that committed suicide in our house? -Kevin

Kevin, you cannot be cursed by a spirit. There is a good chance that he did not cross into the light, but that does not mean that he is in your house. Your family might have a curse from some other source, but it is not comming from the man who committed suicide in your house.

About 12 years ago my wife received a chain letter that said our finances would be cursed if she didn't pass it on. I did not believe it and tore the letter up in front of her. Ever since then we have had nothing but financial problems. Do you believe we are cursed by the chain letter? -Rick

I have never heard of someone being cursed from a chain letter and it might be coincidental if you are cursed that it occured at the same time you tore the chain letter up. You might also be giving the whole idea more energy than it needs, like a self-fulfilling prophecey.

As I fall asleep in my apartment I can hear people talk, and it wakes me up everytime. Last night I heard the voice say "Hey", and I jolted awake and saw the bed next to me rise, as if someone had been sitting there. -Krystal

Apartment building tend to have many earth bound spirits because of the amount of energy that is there. It is possible that there are spirits through your place all the time. I would suggest either smudging your apartment or having it blessed by an ordained priest or minister.

How do I find out if I have a curse? It seems that if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all. -Mike

You would have to find someone that has the ability to tell you if you have a curse, but by writing that if you didn't have bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all, I would think that there may have a curse on you. I am not able to tell for sure unless I talkl with you on the phone though.

I am sure that my ex wife is sending me negative energy. Is it appropriate to not only put an outward facing mirror around me to deflect this energy, and is it ok to put an inward facing mirror around her so she cannot send this energy to others? -Jerry

It is ok to put the outward facing mirrors around you, but don't put any mirrors around her. It is not your place to be her judge, if she is sending negative energy out than in the long run it will come back to her. It is best for you to protect yourself with the mirrors and keep your feelings towards her neutral.

I dreamt about my husband last year when he passed away. Has he crossed over and if so will he return in another body? -Pam

If you dreamt of your husband then yes he has crossed over. If you believe in re-incarnation theory then yes he will eventually return in another body.

My dad passed away when I was eight. I was wondring if he is still around me. I've tried unsuccessfully to communicate with him. -Sholanda

If you or anyone who was close to him has had a dream of him then he has crossed over into the light. If he has crossed over you can leave a note for him on your bedside table that lets him know that you want to talk with him and if he could please visit you. It may take some time, but he may come and visit you in your dreams.

I decided long ago that I would not cross into the light when I pass. I wanted to walk the earth exploring places and protect my family. Can this decision be changed once it is made, and is there a penalty for wanting to stay behind? -Michael

You can make the choice not to cross into the light, but if you do cross into the light you can still visit places you could not go to while alive and protect your family. Even though you have good intentions on why you would want to stay, you would still be a negative energy. If you choose to stay remember that when you are ready to cross into the light just find a funeral home that has an active wake and you can use that person's light to cross over.

At night my daughter feels something very cold blowing on her extremities. Is it a ghost? -Dottie

I am not able to say over the internet for sure if you have an earth bound spirit in your house, but it is possible that there is someone there bothering your daughter. You could try smudging your house or having it blessed by an ordained priest or minister. If things calm down, then you are on the right path that there is an earth bound spirit in your home.

A woman who was in love with my husband did everything she could to break us apart. Ever since this happened we have nothing but problems and we are on the verge of divorce. Could she have cursed us? -Dee

She could have cursed you. I would suggest both of you taking a bath with a couple pinches of sea salt, that should help to clean off a little of the negative energy.

What herb do you put under you pillow to remember your dreams? -George

Mugwort is the herb that you put into a little satchel and tuck between your pillow case and pillow to help you remember your dreams.

I live in a small apartment and have heard strange noises and catch glimpses of what looks like someone walking in my hall. How do I know for sure if there is something there and who it is? -Angie

Apartment building are usually filled with ghosts because of the amount of energy there. I would not be surprised if you had something at least crossing through your apartment from time to time. The best thing to do is to either smudge your apartment or have your place blessed by an ordained priest of minister. What you don't want to do is go to a church and get holy water and bless the house yourself, that usually makes earth bound spirits angry.

I am almost certain I have some negative energy affecting me, either from a curse or an earth bound spirit. Where can I purchase a quince seed charm and how do I use it? -April

You can purchase the charms from the website in the online store. All you do is where the charm on a necklace or keep it on you someway that will keep any spirits away from you.

I was wondering if it is possible for a ghost to attache themselves from generation to gerneration. My grandmother was followed by a spirit, and we still feel its presence as adults. -Linda

It is possible that an earth bound spirit can attach to different family members. It is also possible that as you have all aged you have picked up your on earth bound spirits along the way.

My best friend of 20 years was recently killed in a car accident. He was in my dream briefly. If he has gone to the light wuold it be possible for him to return and visit? -James

If you dreamt of your friend then he did visit you from the light and it is possible that you will be visited in your dreams again.

I am fixing a house for sale and there is a ghost in the house messing with me. I think it is the man who owned the house and is not happy with all the changes. What can I do to help him, or to protect myself? -Kellie

You can very calmly, without screaming or making a big show of it, let him know that if he wants to cross into the light that he can go to a funeral home that has an active wake and use that persons light to cross over. If you continue to have problems then you can smudge the house. This will make him lethargic so at least he won't be causing as many problems and you can get your work done.

If I think I have a curse on me will Mary Ann be able to remove it over the telephone? -Maria

We need to see you in person in order to remove a curse.

The instructions for the Law of Abundance says to write the check out on the day of the new moon. I wrote it the day before, will that work? -Joanne

You need to write the check out on the day of the new moon in order to have it work.

My grandmother passed away in 1997. It seems that wenever I am having troubles in my life or that things are getting too hectic, I dream of her. Could she be here with me? -Shelby

Yes she more than likely is there with you.

We moved into a house in 1993. There was a huge cross with a very large grave by one of our trees. My family sees images moving through our yard. Could you tell me what was buried in the grave? Should we dig the grave up? -Denise

I don't know what is in the grave, and even being at your house I would not be able to tell you what was in the grave unless an earth bound spirit was there that could tell me what was there. My suggestion would be to let it be, it is usually not a good idea to dig graves up. I would suggest having your house and bard either blessed by an ordained priest or minister or smudging though.

When I go to my mother's house I immediately get very tired. I was wondering if there could be something there. Also there are times when I feel like someone is with me in my apartment. -Jennifer

There is a good chance that there could be an earth bound spirit in your mother's house as well as your house. People will sometimes feel very tired wehn they are in a house with an earth bound spirit because energy is so low. Also your tense feeling in your apartment in combination with your daughter being afraid of her crib, would also lead me to think that you have an earth bound spirit.

I know that we have spirits that visit because I have heard them. I am very tired in the house all the time, but I do not get a 'bad' feeling in the house. I just wnat to know if they will be moving on or just saying until the 'suck us dry'. Also, if we have the house blessed, what happens to the spirits? -Sheri

Spirits can pass through, but if they find a house that they like, or become attached to the people living in the house then it is possible that they would stick around for a long time. And even though you don't get a bad feeling from them, they are still the cause of your fatigue and headaches. If you were to have the house blessed it would make the spirits very lethargic, but they aren't out of your house. You are doing nothing bad to them, but you are giving yourself a little break from them being in your space.

I leave a baby monitor on each night to listen for my son. Around midnight every night I think I hear talking. -Amy

It is possible that there is someone in your sons room that could be talking to him. It could be a spirit visiting from the light or it could be an earth bound spirit, it is hard to say without actually talking with you on the phone.

My husband and I have been in our house for 11 months. We have both felt someone climb into bed with us when we are alone. We talked to a neighbor and they said that there have been no deaths in the house. Should we be concerned? -Reney

Just because there have been no deaths in the house doesn't mean that you couldn't have an earth bound sprit. You don't have to live in an old house or a house that has had people die in it to have an earth bound spirit. It is possible that you or your husband could have picked one up somewhere, or that they were there when you purchased the house. I would suggest having your house blessed by an ordained priest or minister or smudging the house yourself in order to balance the energry.

My daughter has always told me that she sees people and tals to people whom the rest of us can't see. She is able to describe dead realtives that she has never seen perfectly. She is deathly afraid to be in her bedroom at night by herself. Could something be there? -Leslie

It is possible that there could be earth bound spirits in your house that are causing your daughter to be frightened. Do the relatives that she has seen scare her as well, if not then they may have already crossed over and she cnan see them. I would suggest having your house blessed by an ordained priest or minister or smudging the house and see if that doesn't help her from being frightened of her room.

Can ghosts cause people to fight? Since we have moved into our house my husband and I fight constantly. -Paula

It is possible that they can cause you to fight. Because they are negative energy, they need to get energy from the people in the house. The easiest way to do that is to cause tension and that will start people squabbling. I would suggest smudging your house to see if it slows down or stops the fighting. If it does then you are on the right track that you may have an earth bound spirit in your home.

What is an Ambergram and where in Cleveland can I purchase a smudge stick? -Deborah

Ambergram is a metaphysical boutique in Broadview Heights, and you can purchase a smudge stick there. You can also go to other metabphysical boutiques, new age stores, or whole food stores (i.e Wild Oats) to purchase a smudge stick.

My boyfriend has been through two divorces since living in his current house. I found out the previous owner committed suicide in the garage. Is she causing him conflict? -Connie

It is possible that he could have an earth bound spirit in his home, either the previous owner that committed suicide, or someone else. It is also possible that he has been cursed since he has been through two divorces. You could try having his home blessed by an ordained priest or minister or smudging the house to see if that offers a balance.

Do the quice seeds have to be blessed or whatever first to be effective? -Jean

You can only get the quince seeds from Mom or I if we come to your house. They are blessed by relatives in Italy and that is what makes them effective. If you wanted to purchase one that you could wear as a charm on jewelry or carry it on you to keep earth bound spirits out of your space than you can do that in the store on this web site.

It sounds like most everyone has at least one or more earthbound spirts around them. If they aren't super obtrusive, can't we just aim to ignore them and move on with our lives? -Dee Dee

Absolutely, you can ignore them. You can smudge your house to keep their energy down. You can also, very calmly, tell them to go to a funeral home where there is an active wake and use that person's white light becaues it is a univeral white light, not individual. Many people find it difficult to feel comfortable in their house once they either know for sure or suspect that they may have a spirit.

Over the years I have experienced different smells, one minute I can smell something sweet and have cooler air around me. Then I will smell something foul and the area around me will be warmer. Can you help me out with this? -Michael

 Many times you will smell a familiar scent if a loved one who has gone to the light comes back to visit. You can sometimes smell different odors that are not familiar that are related to an earth bound spirit in the home. If it is a smell that you are not familiar with, even if it not unpleasant, you could still have an earth bound spirit in your home. Just because it is a nice smell doesn’t necessarily mean that it is coming from someone who has been in the light.

Mary Ann was at my house over a year ago. I have the feeling someone is here again, we put up the seeds, is it possible that someone could be here? -Ron

 If either mom or I have been to your house, and you think that there could be something back in your house the first thing you want to do is check your seeds and make sure they are all up. The seeds should also appear whole, not smashed, if they don’t look whole that means something has been trying to come in. Even if they are smashed leave them above your door, they are still working. After you do that, give my mom or myself a call back to have your house checked out.

I often smell the strong odor of cigarette smoke, I am sure that is my grandmother visiting me. A psychic also told me that our house has three spirits in it. Is this true and who are they? -Melinda

 If you have dreamt of your grandmother then she has passed into the light. When she comes back to visit you then it is possible that you could be picking up a smell that is familiar to you. If your grandmother smoked, and you would associate that smell with he, then it could be her. About your other 3 earth bound spirits. Without talking to you while you are in your house I am unable to confirm if you have spirits in your house. I an unable to do that via the internet. Additionally, if you do have earth bound spirits in your house I have to come to your house to tell you who is there. If you think you have earth bound spirits in your home tell them to go to a funeral home where there is an active wake and use that person’s white light. It will work for them. You could also try smudging your house, or having your house blessed by an ordained priest or minister.

My son just turned one year old and he will not sleep in his room anymore. Sometimes while he is playing he will throw his toy down and run out of the room crying, and his room is usually colder than the rest of the house. Is it possible that there could be a ghost in the room? -Christina

 It is possible that there is an earth bound spirit in your home, and they may be attracted to your son. The best way to tell is if you smudge your house or have your house blessed by an ordained priest or minster, if you notice that things calm down for a little bit then you are more than likely on the right path that you have something in your house.

My father was killed in an accident in April of this year. My 13 month old niece constantly looks and points to his pictures and gets excited when you ask her about Grandpa. I haven’t had any dreams about him, and I wonder if he is earth bound. -Vickie

 I would take it as a good sign that your niece recognizes him and gets excited to talk about him. Additionally, just because you haven’t dreamt about your father doesn’t mean that no one else in your family has dreamt about him. Check around and ask some other family members if anyone has had dreams of him, and if they have then you can be assured that he has crossed into the light.

My 10 year old daughter came bound down the stairs tonight after going to bed in a state of total fear. She said she felt tears on her cheek and went to wipe them away and felt something cold on her cheek and laughter. Is this an active imagination, or do these type of things happen? -John

 It is possible that there could be something bothering your daughter. It might be a combination of factors, she felt something on her cheek, felt it was cold and maybe scared herself a little bit by hearing the laugh, or maybe the laugh was there as well. It is hard to say for sure without actually being in the house.

My mother passed away on 5/04. We have been unable to sell her house so far. I am currently pregnant and dreaming constantly. Usually the dreams involve my father. I am wondering if he or my mother could be effecting the sale of her house....or even our house which is also for sale? -Darlene

 There may be an earth bound spirit in either or both of the houses, which would be causing problems with trying to sell them. I don’t think that it would be your father in the house trying to block the sale since you have had dreams about him. If you have had dreams about your mother than it wouldn’t be here either. I would suggest purchasing a St. Joseph home selling kit from a local Religious supply store, be sure to follow the instructions carefully and see if that helps with the house sales. Good Luck!

My husband’s sister was a very spiritual person when she was alive. She passed away suddenly a year ago last August. Sometimes I think that she is with us, particularly when the family is together. Any insight? -Lois

 It is absolutely possible that she would be visiting the family when they are all together. Many loved ones and family members come back to visit during holiday gathering and other celebrations. There are even some families who set a spot at a dinner table for those loved ones that they have lost.

My husband and I finally figured out that the dimes we keep finding all over are from his recently deceased mother. What is the significance of dimes? -Diane

 Some people find quarters, pennies or nickels. It is just the coin that your mother in law chooses to leave behind.

I protect my house every evening with Reiki, since Reiki is energy, am I attracting or giving this energy to earth bound spirits?-Jill

 Any type of energy would attract earth bound spirits, but since you are using Reiki it would help to balance out any negative energy in your home.

My sister passed away in 2002, I believed she crossed into the light. The people that are living in my sisters house believe that they see her there, could this be my sister and if so how can I help her.-Emma

 Many times people who live in houses that they believe to have an earth bound spirit will automatically assume that it is one of the previous owners, even more so if they passed in a tragic way. If you, or someone close to your sister, have had a dream about her then she has crossed into the light. Even if you have felt her around your or maybe picked up on a familiar scent then she is visiting you and is from the light.

Do ghosts have boundaries? How far can ghosts travel away from where they died?-Cindy

 An earth bound spirit can go anywhere. They are not tied to the place that the died. The only time they are blocked out of somewhere is if someone has put up protection against them. For example my mother and I will give you a quince seed to put over your doorway so no more earth bound spirits come into your house. That would create a boundary that they cannot cross.

Is there really such a things as a curse or is the belief of a curse self fulfilling for some people? -Rob

 There are curses, and they are nothing more than negative energy put onto a person. They could be due to jealousy, hatred, or just wanting to see someone not do as well as they have done.

I purchased a quince seed charm and I am very happy with it. I am 6' tall, does it protect my whole body. -Ben

 Yes, you are protected by the one charm. The charm will give three feet to seven feet around you so that nothing gets into your space.

Why are some spirits attracted to people? All my life I have been like a magnet. -Kristin

 Spirits are attracted to people for various reasons. It could be because you are very high energy, they may thing you are interesting or attractive. It could also be because of the line of work that you are in, or the lifestyle that you lead. I would suggest taking a look at the quince seed charms because they will keep things from attaching to you.

I hope that everyone is have a wonderful summer. It is amazing how fast the summer goes by when you are busy and we have been busy. Please remember when leaving a question here that I can’t tell via e mail if you have an earth bound spirit. I can only give a best guess, and at that I can’t tell you who it is. We can only tell you for certain if you have an earth bound spirit by talking with you on the phone, and we have to be in your home to tell you who that spirit is. If you think you have a spirit, feel free to give us a call. You can always smudge your house and see if that helps to balance the energy.

I apologize, but I am unable to answer every question that comes in. Sometimes people are having similar situations that I have responded to. Please refer back to old questions and answers and see if your situation is similar to someone else’s. As always thanks for the great questions, the interest in what we do is wonderful and we appreciate all you support.

From the time I went to a VA Hospital in 1979 to now, I have been haunted by an unseen presence. The intrusions were somewhat mild in the early years, but they have become more and more forceful. What is it about? - Quinn

 It is possible that you picked up a spirit from the hospital that has been attached to you since 1979. Things may be getting worse as time goes on because he needs more energy. I would suggest smudging your house and see if that balances things a little bit.

I lost my beloved to a sudden and tragic car accident over 20 years ago. I am concerned that she did not cross into the light, is there anyway you can tell me? - John

 I am sorry for you loss. The way to tell if she has crossed into the light or not is if you have had any dreams about her. Even if you haven’t had a dream about here someone else who was close to her may have. Sometimes people will pick up a familiar scent of someone who passed away, or get the feeling that she is close to you. Even if we were to come to your house there is no guarantee that if she did not cross into the light that she would be with you.

Do the ghosts you interact with report the continuation of any physical drive that they had when they were alive? - Alscace

 Things that have to do with the physical body don’t continue on with the spirit. We have to eat, sleep and drink because we have a body.

Can you tell me what the difference between an “out of body experience” and an “ghost” is? Also what is the difference between an Angel and a ghost. - Henry

 An out of body experience is when a person who is living actually has their spirit leave their physical body, but they are not dead. A ghost is the spirit from a person that has passed away. An angel is something that comes from the light that was created by God and has never been human.

I went to a Halloween party last year. A picture was taken of me and my boy friend with a digital camera, but the picture came out distorted. Since that time I have had nothing but bad luck. Could something have followed me home? - LeAnne.

 It is possible that something could have followed you home from the party. It is also possible that because of the way the picture came out you became more aware of what is going around you.

Ever since I moved back in with my dad there has been some weird things happening. My daughter talks to the air when she is there. An un-lit candle burst in the glass holder. My dad is sick and the doctors don’t know from what. - Garry

 It is possible that there is an earth bound spirit in the house. It could have been there prior to you moving in or could have moved in with you or around the time that you moved in. You could try to smudge your house or have your house blessed by an ordained priest or minister and see if that helps balance out the energy.

For the past few years, my mom and I have been seeing strange little balls of light in our apartment. They look like tiny bright balls of glitter ans we usually see them from the corder of our eye. What are these? - Crystal.

 What you are seeing are good things that are coming out of the light such as Angels, spirit guides, loved ones that have crossed into the light.

I have had several dreams where people have come to me in a dream to say goodbye. Exactly what do these dreams mean? - Cindy.

 The person that you are dreaming about is actually coming to visit you and say goodbye. That is their opportunity to talk with you if they have recently passed (the light hasn’t closed) or if they have crossed into the light.

When a person is cremated is there any difference than being buried? - Pamela

 There is no difference to the spirit if they get buried or cremated. Just make sure that if the deceased left directions or specific wishes to be cremated or buried that their wishes are followed.

I work in an ICU. Is there a need to bless our unit to help spirits that may linger. - Ames

 You could always have one of the Clergy bless the unit and that would be a way to help balance the energy in the unit. Any type of positive energy would help. You will always have earth bound spirits in a hospital, they like to be there because of the high energy level.

Should I use sea salt when purchasing vintage clothes? - Erik

 Anytime you purchase anything from a antique/thrift store you should use sea salt on it to make sure you don’t take anything extra home with you. Spirits can be attached to anything from a cake plate to a piece or clothing or jewelry.

I have a brother who passed very suddenly a few years ago at the age of 42. Is there any way of telling if he is still earth bound or has crossed into the light? - Ron.

 If you, or someone close to your family, has had dreams about your brother than he has crossed into the light. Another way to tell is if you smell a familiar scent that would remind you of your brother that would also let you know that he has crossed over.

Do things work the same for Jewish Spirits? Does putting a Mezzuzah on every doorway an appropriate blessing or do you need a Rabbi? - Daniel

 Things would work the same for a Jewish spirit. Since the end of Shivah would be the final ceremony the spirit would have 72-80 hours after that time to cross into the light. Also, hanging a Mezzuzah is way to bring positive energy into the home, you would still need a Rabbi to do the initial house blessing.

Will burning a Ouija board drive out spirts that we attracted. - Becky

 Burning the board will only prevent someone else from using it, you will not get rid of any spirits by burning the board.

Are ghosts able to interact with real objects such as computers and TV’s? - Mel

 Earth bound spirits are energy. They are able to disrupt cable, turn electronic off and on, cause computers to freeze up for no reason. You could be trying to change the channel using the remote control, but the remote doesn’t work, even with new batteries. This could be because there is a spirit standing near the TV and their energy would disrupt the remote.

My grand daughter says she sees my late husband who died before she was born, is this possible? - Joanne

 It is possible that he is coming to visit her from the light. She could be seeing him and that would be very positive and wonderful visit.

I hope that everyone is having a great summer. I apologize for taking so long to get the answers up, this has been a very busy summer so far! Please remember that I cannot tell you if you have something in your house, for sure, unless I am actually speaking to you over the phone, and even then I can't tell you who is in the house unless I am actually there. I am not psychic and deal just with earthbound spirits and curses. If you don't see your question answered here then please refer back to past months to see if there was a similar question that was answered. You can access past answers by clicking on the month.

I visited a well known haunted historical site. I felt strange emotions and in different areas I felt nauseous and dizzy, with a headache. Could this have been from the ghosts?

 It is possible that there were earthbound spirits there that would cause a change in how you felt emotionally, physically and even mentally. The earthbound spirits aren't necessarily attached to the place where you were at, but they could have also come in with other people who were visiting the site.

I know that babies cross over right away. I recently lost a premature son—is it possible that I could be receiving signs from him or loved ones that have already crossed over to let me know that he is fine?

 If you dream about someone who has passed away, then they have crossed into the light. Sometimes you will smell a familiar scent that you would associate with a loved one, a song that would have special meaning, or even an object that would trigger a memory of that loved one—this is also a good sign they have crossed into the light.

My year-old daughter has a shadow that shows in pictures, especially around her head...?

 I can't tell you what the picture would be of, but it is possible that there is an earthbound spirit in your home that is attracted to your daughter.

Could having a ghost attached to me cause depression or addictions of any kind?

 Having an earthbound spirit attached to you could make depression or addictions worse. The earthbound spirit does not cause the problems, but does make the situations worse.

Is the spirit of a person that commits suicide earthbound, or can they go into the light?

 The light is open to you right after you die—it does not matter how you died. Many people who commit suicide do not go into the light for various reasons; they may want to tell someone something, or may even have particular religious beliefs that would make them fearful of going into the light. If you know of someone who has committed suicide and would like to make sure they are okay, you can leave a note out that will tell them to come and visit you. Just make it easy to read and leave it somewhere you think they will see it (a nightstand for example). You can also tell them to go to a funeral home, where there is an active wake, and they can go through that person's light.

I have been having bad luck, mostly with relationships. I used a Ouija board and am wondering if there are earthbound spirits that are causing my problems.

 When you use a Ouija board you are inviting things into your house, even when you ask for nice spirits only. It is possible that something became attached to you or your house from using a Ouija board, and that is causing your problems.

I purchased the house I grew up in. There has always been spirit activity. The sidewalk ends on our property and the house is situated between two cities, so it is in between things. Because it is at a crossroads, does this cause the house to have more spirits? There are also three funeral homes within a mile or so from our house. The earthbound activity seems to pick up around Halloween. Is there anything we can do about this or do we just have to live with it?

 Just because you live close to funeral homes in a border area does not necessarily mean you will have more earthbound spirits. Contrary to popular culture, earthbound activity does not increase around Halloween, just because it is Halloween. As the month of October approaches people put way more energy into thinking about ghosts and scary things, therefore increasing the energy that is available. Activity will pick up naturally around a full moon or if you have a party or some sort of gathering at your house. The attraction to your house for earthbound spirits would either be the house itself or the people who are living in it, or you may have brought something in with a spirit attached. To balance the energy in your house, I would suggest smudging your house or having an ordained priest or Minster come in and bless it.

Are there any advantages (or disadvantages) to a spirit of the deceased if they are cremated rather than buried?

 The only time it matters is if the wishes of the deceased are not carried out. If someone wanted to be cremated and was buried, they could get a little upset, or vice versa. But since either thing is of the physical body, and not the spirit, it does not damage the spirit to be cremated.

Why do entities show up differently in the pictures?

 They show up differently because each one has different amount of energy at the time. You don't need a special camera or film to try and take a picture of one—just a little luck!

Welcome to all the Coast to Coast listeners this month. Your support and response has been amazing, and the amount of questions has been somewhat overwhelming. Since there is some duplication in the questions, not all of them are going to be answered directly. You can always refer back to past months for more information. If would like to talk with one of us to further clarify any problems you may be having feel free to give us a call. Please keep in mind that we are not psychic—I can't tell you if you are going to get a new job, move to a new city, or even have good luck in a relationship. And even though I can see earthbound spirits, I am unable to confirm via e-mail whether or not you have one in your house, or who it would be if you do have one.

How should I use sea salt when I purchase an item from and estate sale, antique store, etc.?

 You can sprinkle a little sea salt in the bag after you purchase the item. Just a little salt goes along way—so it should not look like you just came from the beach.

Sometimes I feel a temperature change, as though I am standing next to the freezer—could a spirit be next to me?

 Many times people will feel something of a temperature change, either cold or hot, when there is a spirit in the area. The temperature change is due to the energy disruption that is caused by an earthbound spirit.

Can your dog come back to stay with you, and can your other animals sense them?

 Animals can come back and stay with you, and other animals can usually pick up on them.

Can loved one look over you if they have passed away?

 Loved ones do look after you if they have gone into the White Light. If you have a dream about someone who has passed away, then they have gone into the White Light and they are visiting. Sometimes you can get feelings of someone looking over you, or even pick up a familiar scent—these are all signs that your loved one is watching over you.

Does a spirit of a deceased person stay around their gravesite?

 Spirits do not hang out in cemeteries or around their graves. They may come back and visit from time to time, but they don't stay there for any length of time.

Strange things happen in our house—our TVs turn on and even turn and face toward the wall, we would see the backs of people as they would walk up and down the steps, and we actually found an 1884 silver dollar sitting in the middle of my wife's jewelry box. Is this sort of thing common?

 It is not uncommon for things to turn off and on and even be moved. Many people see earthbound spirits in their houses. It is also not unusual to find things that may have been put there by an earthbound spirit. Things are moved and turned off and on to get your attention and to cause fear and tension in the house—earthbound spirits need to have our energy to be here, and they get it from you in your house by causing fear, tension, and some turmoil.

All of my life I have felt as if there is a black cloud over my head. Is it possible that I have something negative attached to me preventing me from having success in life, and creating these moods?

 It is possible that you either have an earthbound spirit attached to you or a curse. You could try soaking in a sea salt bath to see if that offers some temporary relief. You can also have someone smudge you, as that would help to balance some of the negative energy.

Do suicides come back to you like someone that may have passed under different circumstances?

 Suicides are less likely to go into the White Light, so if they come back to you and have not crossed into the White Light, then they are earthbound spirits and will cause problems in your home. If they have crossed, then they can visit in your dreams, just like anyone else.

Will dementia interfere with someone moving on or being able to communicate after they have passed away?

 If someone is suffering from dementia or a disease such as Alzheimer's, they are restored after they die—it is not immediate, but it does happen in time for them to cross into the White Light and get where they need to be.

I took some pictures of friends at a bar and there were orbs in the pictures, and diamond shaped orbs as well. Have you ever heard of diamond shaped orbs?

 I have not heard diamond shaped orbs, but if they are indeed orbs, then that is a great sign. Orbs can be spirit guides, loved ones that have passed away and gone to the White Light, or guardian angels.

On the night before my mother's funeral, I had a dream I saw her in my motel room looking confused. I told her she was not supposed to be here, then she looked into the mirror and her reflection was someone that I did not know. The next day at the funeral, I kept getting shocked when I would touch doorknobs. She was on life support before being disconnected—was she making herself known to me before she left?

 I think she did visit you prior to the hospital and that she was already in the White Light at that point. She did not wait until after her funeral to go into the White Light, but that is not uncommon for someone who was on life support.

Could my brother, who died when he was 4, still be in the house that he died in?

 Kids that young are taken into the White Light by guardian angels, spirit guides, or loved ones who passed away. It is unusual to come across the spirit of a child that young that is earthbound. If the people who are living in the house are experiencing weird things, it is more than likely there is something else in the house, not your brother.

I have a 13-year-old granddaughter who keeps hearing voices and seeing spirits. Is there anything we can do to help her work with what she can do?

 She needs to decide if seeing spirits is something that she wants to do. If she is comfortable with it, then she will learn how to work with her gifts in her own time.

How does Law of Abundance work?

 The times listed on the website are for Eastern Standard Time. If you do not live in that time zone then you will have to adjust for your time zone. That means you need to write the check on the day of the new moon before the new moon peaks. If the time is listed is 5am EST, then you must do it between 12am and 5am EST on that day.

Where can I find Mugwort?

 Mugwort is the herb that you can make a satchel out of to help you remember your dreams. You can find mugwort at new age stores or metaphysical boutiques. The local place in the Cleveland area is Ambergram.

Something has been kicking the bed—it feels like someone sitting in a backseat and kicking the seat in front of them. I have tried holy water and the crucifix and praying the rosary.

 The first thing you don't want to do is use holy water yourself in the home. If you are affiliated with a church, you can have an ordained priest, minister, or rabbi come to the house to bless it. Someone who works with the church has been trained to bless a home, and that is part of their job, so they are the best ones to do it. If that option does not work for you, then you can smudge your house. If the earthbound spirit is attached to the house or someone or something within the house, the ghost won't leave, but it will balance the energy for a while.

I have been having episodes of sleep paralysis and feel like something is trying to smother me—is this real, or is it brought on by stress and fatigue?

 It can be brought on by stress and fatigue, but it also can be real. Because an earthbound energy needs takes energy from us, if they can disrupt you sleep in any way it will create a ton of energy for them.

I have heard your mother say if you dream of a person, that has passed away then they have crossed over. Can you elaborate?

 You can't dream of someone who has not crossed into the White Light. If a person has crossed over they can come back in visit you via your dreams. That is not to say if you don't dream of a person, then they have not crossed over. You still may get some sort of sign from them, such as your favorite flower left for you somewhere, or picking up on a familiar scent that you would associate with the individual.

Do Quija boards attract evil ghosts and what happens when a person uses one?

 When people use Quija boards they are opening doorways into the home and inviting things in. Even if you only ask for friendly spirits, you can still get something negative in your home—just because someone is dead doesn't mean they can't lie. Even if Mom or I have been to your house and have put the quince seeds above your doors, to prevent earthbound spirits from coming in, does not protect you from inviting something in with a ouija board, because that opens a doorway using the concentrated energy of the users. Once the spirit has been invited in, it can potentially stay in your house or with you for a very long time.

Why do you recommend smudging? What does it do to clear a home of spirits?

 We recommend smudging to balance energy in the home. Smudging is the Native American way to balance energy. This is a good way for someone who is not affiliated with a church who wants to balance the energy in his or her home. It won't always rid the home of spirits, but it will balance the energy. I suggest using either sage or sweet grass.

I have heard that people attend their own funerals. What about cremation? Do the deceased attend that too and see themselves burned up?

 People attend their own funerals, not the embalming process. If you choose to be cremated, you don't watch the cremation process, but you might hang around the memorial. You have free will, so you can watch and go and see whatever you want!

I think we have an earthbound spirit in our rented house. It is in a rough neighborhood and I worry something heinous may have occurred here in its past.

 If you think you have an earthbound spirit, the best advice I can offer to you is to either have your house blessed by someone ordained with a church or smudge your place. Without being there, I am unable to help you more than that.

There must be some sort of structure for Mary Ann's business to break down her cost. She told me to me not to hesitate to call, but she never returned my calls.

 The cost for one of us to come to your house is not itemized—it encompasses both travel and service fees. In many years of doing this, there has never been an itemized bill. The cost is told to you prior to our coming out, so there shouldn't be any surprises. And I apologize if Mom has not called you back, but she might not have got a clear message. For many reasons, sometimes messages don't save, phone numbers get garbled up, or, if another call beeps in on call waiting while you are leaving a message, it actually blanks out a section of the message. That is why we ask, if you are leaving a message, that you please speak slowly, clearly, and leave your phone number at least twice so that we can make sure we can respond.

I hope that everyone is getting into spring. The weather may not be cooperating, but at least we have more daylight and the flowers seem to be coming up. Mom is still in California and will not be back until June. She has already done a lot of good work out there and will carry on for a couple more months.

There have been great questions this month, and I did my best to respond to everyone. If you think you have something in your house, and you want to talk with me about it, you need to call me—I am unable to tell for sure if you have an earthbound spirit in your house from questions posted on the website.

I had a dream shortly after a loved one has passed, and this loved one "seemed" to be evil or have evil around them in this dream. Does that mean that they're not in a good place? Or is it just something I dreamed? (B)

 Dreaming of someone who passed is the best indicator that they have crossed over. If it was a realistic dream and you felt like they were there, then I would say that they crossed. If they seemed to be evil or in a bad place, that could just be another component of your dream. Dreams are very individualistic and open to all sorts of interpretation. Even if you dreamed of them "evil" or in an "evil place," there could be a meaning other than the obvious. I would suggest picking up a book on dream interpretation or dream symbols.

I went to your mom's seminar in February at Berea High School. About 15 minutes or so she paused and leaned back and went "wow." I felt the same thing she did. The best way that I can describe it is it was a very fast burst of energy soaring through the air. I have had feelings like this before—does this mean that ghosts are attracted to me? (Kim)

 Anytime there is a gathering of any sort there is energy in the air that is very attractive to earthbound spirits. If you felt that energy there, and have felt it in the past in other situations, then that means you are more than likely sensitive to, and aware of, the earthbound spirits.

Is it possible for a spirit not to be fully visible, yet still appear a little wavey? Sometimes I will smell my grandmother's house, even though I am in Rome, Georgia and she used to live in New Orleans. I was wondering if I could be smelling her? (Liz)

 Everyone senses and picks up on things differently. I don't see earthbound spirits the same way my mother does, and I know people who see them like heat waves coming off a hot road. They don't choose when to make themselves visible—it is based on the amount of energy they have and also the abilities of those who live in the house. I would say your grandmother is visiting—just because you are in Georgia and your grandmother lived in New Orleans doesn't mean that she couldn't come and see you.

I have heard you tell people not to bless their own house because it makes the spirit angry. If you have a faith in God, and bless the house room by room in the name of Jesus, I would think that it is pretty powerful. (Beth Ann)

 We do indeed suggest not getting holy water or blessing the house yourself because it makes the spirits angry. We suggest getting an ordained priest or minister to bless your house for you because we see it as having someone who is specially trained do the job for you, to make sure that it is done properly. We don't want to see situations get worse in a house because something wasn't done right.

My mom has been in the spirit world for nearly three years now. Do you think she could be by my side? (Aileen)

 If you have had any dreams, feel your mother around you, or pick up on a familiar scent, then she is certainly watching over you. But even if you don't have these things happen, she could still be by you.

Several months ago I underwent two operations for aneurisms within three days of each other. Since I woke from the second one, I have times when I feel like someone opened a window in my head and bright light is shinning in. Does this have something to do with the strong sense of spirits close around me, that I've felt since then also? (Leanne)

 It is possible that the surgeries made you more aware of things around you. It is also possible that you brought someone home from the hospital that you are more aware of. You may also be more aware of spirit guides or angels who are watching over you, due to the operations.

I have been seeing things out of the corner of my eye, but when I go to turn to look at it, it leaves. What is going on? (Melissa)

 You are more than likely picking up on an earthbound spirit. Many people will start to see them out of the corner of their eye, and when they turn to look, it disappears. The pain you are experiencing more than likely is physical because you are trying to force your eyes to focus in a direction that is not natural.

I had a miscarriage in December 2003—the loss was, and still is, very painful. I think of "him" all the time and wonder what happened to his sprit when he passed. Can he know me and who I am? (June)

 I think that he does know you and that you are his mother. I also think that a guardian angle of one of your loved ones who has already passed took him into the Light and made sure that he got where he needed to be.

I have a picture that I would like to send to you. Where can I send it so you get it? (Renae and Diane)

 You can send the picture to the same PO Box as my mother: PO Box 33473, North Royalton, OH 44133.

We have had numerous visitors and guests at hour house, mostly strangers. We were told to plant sage or rosemary outside by our doors. Would this prevent my uncle, who has passed away and has visited us (even showing himself to me), from re-visiting? (Dawn)

 I have never heard of using sage outside doors to protect the house. I don't think that it would keep your uncle out of the house

My sister's daughter, who is three years old, told her there is a man in her closet and described him in great very detail. She says he doesn't talk to her, but only asks, "Where am I?" A friend of ours has a son five months older than her, and he also has seen the same man, and he says that he says to him, "Is this my house?" I have heard that we can light a white candle and tell the man that he has passed and it's okay for him to crossover or go to God. Do you think this would be the right thing to do? Do you know who he is? (Dawn)

 You could tell the man to go to a funeral home where there is an active wake happening, and he can go into that White Light. A white candle is not the white light, and they are the same size they were when they died, so they are not going to fit into a candle flame. Without being in the house, I am unable to tell you who he is.

I have talked with your mother over the phone and she assured me that we do not have a spirit in our home. Since then, my daughter has told me that she has seen a little girl with blonde hair. I keep finding dimes in the oddest places, and now my two daughters keep finding dimes in odd places. (Mary)

 There could be several different explanations of what is going on in your house. If you don't have quince seeds from me or my mother, then you may have something in your house now, even if you didn't when you talked with mom. If you do have the seeds up, it is possible that you have spirits that have crossed into the Light visiting. I have heard from other people that they also find dimes or pennies, as a sign from a loved one who has passed, so that could be what is happening with you and your daughters.

I have felt for a while that there are spirits around me. Can you tell me about them, should I be worried, and have they been following me since I was a kid? (Denise)

 I am unable to tell you anything about earthbound spirits in your house without actually being there. It is possible that they have been moving around with you, or that you keep attracting new ones. Having earthbound spirits around can be something of a negative drain on your life and home. You can feel very fatigued, have headaches or stomach problems, fight with others in the house, and a multitude of other things. If it is something that you would like to find our more about I would suggest giving me a call.

Could my depression be from spirits? Could my bi-polarism be intertwined with my psychic abilities? (Therese)

 Having earthbound spirits in your house would take any condition that you have and make it a little worse. So if you already have a cold, it would last a little longer or you would end up with bronchitis. So already being diagnosed with depression, things would be just a little worse for you. It also seems that your bi-polarism is intertwined with the other things that you can do. The human mind is very powerful and we only use a small percentage of it—you may just be able to use a different part than others. Even if you were to live in a place free from all earthbound spirits, your depression and bi-polarism would not go away, but it would lessen the symptoms to some degree.

I have always been a spirit magnet of sorts, ever since I was a child. If I move into a home or apartment, I always run into the spirit resident, either seeing, smelling, or hearing them. I know how to protect myself, but why am I the one who picks up on these things? (Deb)

 You just may be more sensitive to the spirits. As a child, you never shut that part down and now you can still see them. I don't know why I can do this, and other members of my family cannot—some days you have more questions than answers!

I contacted a medium who told me there was a man in my house with unfinished business. My 12-year-old daughter, who can talk with spirits, communicated with him and it is a family member who passed a year ago. He doesn't like the father of her sister's unborn baby and we think he wants to hurt him—is this possible? How can my daughter shut this off? (Kay)

 I would have the house blessed by an ordained priest or minister or smudge the house. The more energy you put into all this, the more energy you are giving to the earthbound spirit. Your daughter has to make her own decisions about what she wants to do with the ability to see the spirits—I made the decision to turn this off when I was 16 and it wasn't until I was a little older that I was ready to see the spirits again. But she has to find her own way to deal with it—either turn it off or learn how to use it so it doesn't cause her so much distress.

When I was 13 or 14, my friend and I did a thing where you hold six pencils together and ask questions. The pencils point one way for "yes," another way for "no," and outwards for "maybe." We contacted someone named Caleb, and after this things always seemed to happen in the house—my mother just said we had over active imaginations. Is it possible that something could have attached to me and still be affecting my life? ("Justme")

 Basically you contacted and invited in an earthbound spirit—even though it was not a traditional ouija board or spirit board, it was still a doorway. Through the experiences you had, and the amount of fear and discomfort you had, you continue to give energy to the spirit. It is possible that a spirit attached to you and that would affect your life.

When I was nine years old, I awoke in the middle of the night and I stretched over and looked into the kitchen, and there was my shadow standing against the refrigerator. Have you heard anything about a shadow like this before? (Renee)

 It sounds as if you were astral traveling. You might want to visit you local metaphysical shop and see if you can find a book about it.

We have been in our home for 19 years—the first five were great, and the past 14 have been horrible. My children have had experiences and done things where they felt like they were not in control of their own bodies. Do I have a problem in my home and what can I do? (Leslie)

 It sounds like you do have something in your house and the first thing I would suggest to you would be to have your house blessed by an ordained priest or minister. If you are not affiliated with a church, then pick up a smudge stick and smudge your entire house. If you don't know how to, ask for instructions when you buy the smudge stick or refer back to past questions on this website, and you will find the instructions. Since you are in Minnesota, you could see if there is someone in that area who does the same work as my mom and I do. There are others like us who may be able to help you a little more, because without coming to your house, I am unable to help you completely fix your problems. But from all your descriptions, it does sound like you have something happening there. Good luck.

There have been some questions this month about the Law of Abundance. The check should be written the same day as the new moon, before the moon peaks. If the new moon peaks at 5am, for example, then the check should get written sometime between 12am and 5am that day. All times are given EST, so you will have to adjust for your personal time zone. The check needs to be written monthly, as well. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion on Law of Abundance.

Mom will not be returning local calls while she is in California. If you leave a message on her line, she will not get back to you until she is back in Ohio. I am still taking calls, however, and will return your call as quickly as I can.

My Friends and I have seen the same ghost, but each time he goes by a different name. We all know that he is the same spirit—what does it mean? (Raia)

 All of you could be seeing the same spirit but hearing a different name. The spirit could also be telling each of you a different name, for some reason.

I need to find someone close to western Kentucky who can help me remove—or live with—a very old, strong curse put on my family when I was a young girl. (Lisa)

 I apologize that I don’t know anyone in your area who can help you. If you wanted to take a trip to Cleveland, or think you are going to be in this area, then feel free to give me a call.

We have recently moved into my mom’s house. She may have had an alcohol problem at the time of her death. When my husband and I were repairing the house to move in, there was an old bottle of liquor that was placed at the top of the steps—we had cleaned out the entire house. I worry that my husband could have a drinking problem and am wondering if this was a sign from her about my husband's problem? (Ruth)

 It is possible that the bottle was placed by an earthbound spirit. If your husband has a drinking problem, an earthbound spirit can cause that weakness to increase.

I have been experiencing cigarette odors at different times. My husband, who passed away three years ago, was a smoker who stopped, and my father smoked right to the end. I don’t think it is an “I’m ok” message, but I am confused. (Florence)

 It is possible that an earthbound spirit has attached to you and they were a smoker in life and that smell is still attached to them. One of the first spirits I ever saw was actually smoking a cigarette, and I could both see the smoke curls and see the burning tip. If it is something that continues to happen, you could try to smudge your house, have your house blessed by an ordained priest or minister, or give me a call.

Something is “playing” with the cockatiel and budgies. It doesn’t worry me too much, but it does seem to bother the cockatiel. What is it and how can I get it to leave? (Theresa)

 I don’t know what you have going on in your house unless I talk to you while you are there. It is possible that you have an earthbound spirit in your house and it is causing some distress with your birds. If the cockatiel is sensitive to new people, he could just be reacting to having someone new in the house and would not be able to differentiate them from a living person. I would be careful with smudging your house because the smoke could bother the birds, but if you are careful, you could try that. Just don’t get the smudge stick too close to the cages. You could also have the house blessed by an ordained priest or minister.

My dad died of bone cancer almost two years ago. Is he ok and watching us? (Denise)

 If anyone in your family has had dreams about your father, then he has crossed into the Light. It is also possible to pick up a familiar sent, such as his aftershave. That would also let you know that he has crossed over and is watching out for you.

I am a smoker and have been trying to stop. I get smokers' cough from time to time—is my health going to be ok? (Denise)

 I hope that you are going to be okay, but I am not psychic. I wish you luck in trying to quit smoking.

How does one know if they have the sixth sense? (Pate)

 If you are seeing ghosts, or picking up on their energy, then you know that you have the “sixth sense."

My friend called Mary Ann and she didn’t receive a call back. Now she is feeling she should deal with the ghost herself. (Dennis)

 Mom did not remember getting a call from her, which sometimes can happen if the call is being blocked by something. From the little bit that was written, it sounds like your friend does have something in her house, but she would need to give me a call to be sure. The person that is having the problem has to be the person who calls us. If she does not want to call, then she could smudge her house or have it blessed by an ordained priest or minister.

In our kitchen we have some kind of black human form. Could it hurt us or make us change our behavior? (Alonzo)

 The spirit can’t hurt you, but can cause fatigue and make people in the house not feel well. Kids will suffer from upper respiratory problems; adults get headaches and lower intestinal problems. There can also be a lot of fighting and mood swings in the home. You will feel better when you are outside the house, and just feel your mood change once you are in the house. So the spirit can’t physically harm you, but can cause a very uncomfortable home.

What would be the best way of working with the spirits that haunt my house, in order to benefit everyone concerned, including the spirit? (Guadalupe)

 The best thing for all parties concerned would be to let the spirit go into the Light, then the spirit is where it needs to be to continue on its path, and the people who are living in the house will have peace. If you don’t want to let the spirit go, then you should smudge your house or have it blessed by an ordained priest or minister, to help balance the energy in the house and give peace and comfort to those who are living there.

I just attended a wake for a 13 month old. I was wondering if small children attend their funerals, or do their guardian angels cross them over right away? (Stori1999)

 Small children are taken over right away by their angels, or loved ones that have passed before them.

I have a sister who is 16 years younger than me. She talks about seeing her brother, who is a ghost. She does have a brother, but he was stillborn. It is possible that she could be seeing him or another ghost? (Jessalea)

 It is possible that she is seeing another ghost. A stillborn baby would be taken into the Light right away and would not be earthbound. I don’t know for certain who she is seeing without actually talking with you on the phone when you are in your home.

I hope that everyone is having a good start to the New Year. There have been some great questions this month, so keep them coming!

I have lived in my house for 3 months; we started noticing odd smells, and things missing. My grandmother passed away last year—could she have come with me to the new house? (CLS)

 It is possible that your grandmother could have come with you to the new house, although I don’t think that she would be the cause of the strange smells and things missing. If you, or someone in your family, has had dreams about your grandmother, then she has gone into the Light and would not be the one causing your problems. You could try smudging your home or having it blessed by an ordained priest or minister—that may help the situation. You could also call either Mary Ann or myself to discuss it further.

A small child in my home has started acting out. Is it possible that I could have brought a special friend in with second-hand video games? (Bdean)

 If your child is having problems with acting out in the house it is possible that there could be an earthbound spirit, or something else, in your home. This seems to be too delicate of a situation to reply—you should think about calling either Mary Ann or myself so that we could help you more. In the meantime, I would suggest smudging your house, especially around anything that is second-hand that you think could be causing your child problems.

You came to my house this summer, and it still feels funky. When we use the phone, sometimes we hear clicking. We have had the phone lines checked and changed phones. We have also gotten pictures of orbs, but don’t understand what they are. (Suzanne)

 If your house is still feeling a little weird, or has just started not feeling right, check your seeds over all the doors. Also, were there any doors that were forgotten and had no seeds put over them? Call either Mary Ann or myself and we can find out what is happening. If you are getting pictures of spheres in your house, they are orbs. You are actually taking pictures of things that are coming out of the Light, that can still visit your house, even with the seeds up. They can be loved ones that have gone into the Light, spirit guides, or angels.

We have been in our house for 17 years and soon after our second daughter was born things started to happen. Every night she would wake screaming—this went on for a year. Then there were flies in her room, and after they went away, my husband started getting sick. The doctors can’t find anything wrong with him. If just seems that my daughter and husband seem to suffer from depression and weird health problems. Can you help? (Laura)

 It sounds like you do have something in the house. Without actually talking with you on the phone I am unable to tell for sure. Having an earthbound spirit in your house can cause health problems and depression. It would not be the reason you had the flies in your house, though. If you want to try smudging the house yourself to see if it relieves some of the tension, then you could try that or call either Mary Ann or myself.

We have a problem with a house we own in PA. Our renters are moving out saying our house is haunted. Odd things have happened in the room the young daughter has, and now she is afraid to go back into the house, and the husband feels the same. What can we do since the renters only have cell phones? (Fran)

 I would not be surprised that rental property would have an earthbound spirit. With the turnover in renters, there could be a lot of energy in the house. I would need to talk to someone in the house to make sure that there is something there, and that can be done over a cell phone, but they would need to call since they are the ones who are living there. As always, the renters would be able to smudge the house themselves or have an ordained priest or minister come in to bless the property and see if that offers them some relief.

We have a spirit in our house—I know because things go missing that will show up later in other areas, and they were not moved by anyone in the house. Can you tell me how to get it to stop, because things are getting out of control. (Tony)

 You have two ways to take care of the problem yourself. The first would be to smudge your house. This is something you can do that will take away some of the energy from the earthbound spirit. After you do it the first time, see if it helps to calm things down. If it does, then when things start to get a little crazy, you can smudge again. I would suggest smudging a little before the full moon since that is when spirits tend to have a little more energy. If you don’t want to try smudging, you can have an ordained priest or minister come into your house and bless the house again. This will have a similar effect as smudging and will balance the energy. What you don’t want to do is get holy water and bless the house yourself—this will make the spirit angry. If you don’t want to do either of these things, or they don’t seem to help, you can call either Mary Ann or myself.

I do automatic writing and I try to contact my spirit guides. But I was curious if I could also attract evil ghosts into my house this way? (Marcio)

 Anytime that you are doing something where you would be trying to contact spirit guides or someone else who has passed away, you should always surround yourself with the White Light. You are inviting in spirits and putting out a lot of energy, which could be attractive to any earthbound spirit.

My grandmother has recently seen a relative in her house that passed away 5-7 years ago. Will smudging help get rid of the bad energy, if there is any? (Heidi)

 Smudging will help to clear the space of negative energy and bring back balance. Your grandmother may have seen a spirit that has been to the Light, so there may not be any negative energy in the house—but you won’t hurt anything by smudging.

Is it possible for me to fill out a Law of Abundance for my children, or should they do it on their own? (Ishi)

 If your children are adults, they should be doing it for themselves. If they are in their late teens, they can also fill out the information themselves. You can do it for them, but it doesn't work as well.

I recently had to put my dog of 16 years down. Shortly afterward, I went away for a weekend. We stayed overnight in a hotel, and the next morning I noticed my cross from my necklace on the bed. The chain was still clasped and there was no way it could have gotten off the chain. I had been praying for a sign from my dog that he is okay. Do you think it was a sign that he has crossed over and is okay? (Lisa)

 I am sorry for your loss; it is always hard to lose a friend. I think the cross falling could have been a sign from someone that your dog is fine. If you have a dream about your dog, then you can be sure he has crossed into the Light and is where he needs to be.

Everywhere I go I always get a headache, but it goes away after a bit. I heard somewhere that this is because a spirit is trying to talk to you in your head, but because you aren’t used to that, then all you get is a headache. (Melissa)

 It is possible that you are sensitive to earthbound spirits and that is why you are getting headaches. Some people are very sensitive and will also get upset stomachs and not feel very comfortable in a place. The headaches and stomach problems are due to the energy change when you are around earthbound spirits, not because they are trying to talk to you.